Benefits of Clean Gutters

Functional gutter systems are meant to help you avoid problems with water damage. Although you might not notice issues right away, you will definitely feel the difference over time if you have to deal with flooding or water damage in any way. It’s cheaper to maintain a gutter system with regular cleaning and repairs than it is to take care of water damage.

The most common forms of water damage from malfunctioning gutters are foundation corrosion and basement flooding. If you don’t have a basement, you may not experience flooding as an issue inside, although it can still happen outside around your home. However, the issue of foundation corrosion is very serious and can cost you multiple thousands of dollars to fix.

Foundations are made from sturdy concrete, but over time if they were consistently exposed to large amounts of sitting water, they can start to disintegrate and break down. Water usually goes through the gutters and into drain pipes that pour it further away from the house. But, if the gutters and not working properly and the rain water drains down the side of the house, it may end up sitting around the foundation and starting to break it down over time.

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