The roof area is the most prominent and important part of your house. Get your roof looking like new again and increase your property value by improving the appearance of your home.

Roof Wash with Instant Visable Results

The soft wash service is where we apply a combination of cleaning agents to the Roof surface to remove mould, algae and fungus and kill any remaining spores. The surface is then washed with low pressure water leaving your roof looking noticeably cleaner instantly.

Suitable for Corrugated Iron, Colour Steel, Decromastic (pre-paint), Concrete Tile and Butanol roofs.

Roof Treatment (Takes 6-12 Months for the Full Result)

We treat your roof with a specifically formulated product designed to kill moss and lichen. The weather will take care of the rest. Rain, sun and wind over time will break down and wash away the dead lichen and moss leaving your roof looking like new again. 

Suitable for Corrugated Iron, Colour Steel, Decromastic, Pressed Metal Imitation Tile, Concrete Tile, Slate Tile, Terracotta Tile, Butanol and Cedar Shingle roofs.

A small number of roofs require a touch up treatment which can be undertaken 12-18 months after the original treatment for a small additional cost.

We offer an extensive range of external cleaning services to suit your needs and budget. Our team are experienced and friendly. From the top of your roof to the end of your driveway; keeping the exterior of your property clean is our speciality. Give us a call today on 0800 004 641